Want to Help Your Students Get Better-Paying Jobs?


With a rapidly changing world, preparing students for the workforce is on all of our minds. So when we heard about this great way to help students get better-paying jobs after graduation (really!), we knew we had to share. Bonus? You’ll kick your students’ classwork and presentations up a serious notch, too. How can you do all that, you ask?

Get your students certified in Microsoft Office.  

The Microsoft Office Specialist Program for students in grades 6–12 gets students fully certified in the Microsoft Office suite. This means they’ll acquire awesome skills to use in the classroom now, in their future academic pursuits, and on their résumé when they hit the workforce. Digital badges for portfolios and résumés help students stand out. Hiring managers tell us that 50 percent of job candidates are more likely to be hired if they are Microsoft Office certified. Set them up with a suite of skills now, and students will be better prepared for the academic and career paths ahead.

Their first job will pay well.

The Microsoft Office organizing, documenting, and presentation programs can be used on a PC or Mac. That flexibility means a lot of open doors, which means career and financial gains. According to several salary guide sites, people who have a Microsoft Office Specialist certification can earn up to $16,000 more per year than their peers who are not certified. That’s quite a boost for the students in your class! 

You’ll steer them toward jobs they love, too.

young people at first job using Microsoft Office

When students leave your classroom, you want to send them into the world ready to be productive on the job—and work independently. According to hiring and IT managers, 85 percent of the people who fit that description are Microsoft Office certified! They’re the people at work who love their jobs, too. You are setting students up now to feel proud of their work in the future. It’s not just about getting the job, it’s about enjoying it—and excelling at it! What’s better than that?

Don’t let skills happen by chance.

Your students are probably experts at finding shortcuts for their classwork, but there’s meaningful value in learning a full skill set. It boosts their academic performance and deepens their organization, processing, and presentation skills. And clearly, their futures look brighter with a pocket full of certified expertise! Give them the tools and skills they need now for limitless possibilities in the future.


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