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Turn Muggles into Wizards With Harry Potter Science Experiments

by 100IQ Win The Knowledge

The spell of Harry Potter is one that seems destined to last from generation to generation, so take advantage of the books’ allure to teach the science behind magic. We got some bewitching tips from Sara Turner, Director of Awesome (yup, that’s her real title!) at the IMAG History & Science Center in Fort Myers, Florida. Sara runs Harry Potter camps that conjure up record attendance and rave reviews. Here are some of the Harry Potter science experiments and projects she uses along with other ideas from around the web. Accio learning!

Set up your Harry Potter science classroom.

Turn your classroom into Hogwarts with a few simple touches. Use colored table runners to represent different Houses. Give each student their own plastic cauldron (watch for them in stores around Halloween). Put up some of these Harry Potter bulletin boards  or go all out like this magical teacher. Setting the atmosphere makes everything a little more fun!

Start with a Sorting Goblet.

Harry Potter Science Sorting Goblet

Sort your students into their Houses using chemical reactions. Each student receives a cup that contains a small amount of clear liquid. Then they add more liquid from the “sorting goblet” to the glass. Watch their astonishment as different colors appear! The magic is in the chemicals you’ve hidden in each glass in advance, activated by the special chemical in the goblet. Get all the supplies you need with this kit from Carolina Biological.

Make some magic wands.

There’s no real science involved here, but every Hogwarts student needs a wand! Make them using chopsticks, hot glue, and paint, using these instructions from Boxy Colonial. Teachers should do the hot glue part in advance, creating the handles. Then kids paint them however they like and use them for their Harry Potter science experiments.

Build circuits to cast Lumos and Nox.

Kick your magic wands up a notch by adding simple circuitry and a small light. Babble Dabble Do shows you how.

Invest in a coding wand.

Harry Potter Science Coding Wand Amazon

The Kano Harry Potter Coding Wand  helps kids learn basic coding skills as they build a wand that responds to movement. No need for muggles to feel intimidated—the kit comes with clear instructions that anyone can follow to create Harry Potter science magic.

Create an “invisibility cloak” with refraction.