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Trading a Warren DNA test for a Trump IQ test

by 100IQ Win The Knowledge


Combining DNA and IQ into one delicious fluid

Much hay has been made on Elizabeth Warren’s DNA.  Trump offered a million dollars for her to take a DNA test, I say she trades him for an IQ test. 

Despite his obvious ignorance and stupidity Trump claims a genius level IQ, flip the script and beg/bribe/or trade with Trump to take the IQ test.  He would “fail” a neutral IQ test.

Presumably, Elizabeth Warren has already “failed” her DNA test, which is why she is resistant to taking one publicly.  I say: FEAR NOT!  Plan a giant press conference from the Cherokee Reservation in Oklahoma where her grandparents claim ancestry.  Get CNN and Fox News to come down and verify the tests. 

If the DNA comes back 3% Cherokee, that’s cool.  

But if she come back with zero Cherokee DNA then she can have this great event where even though she is 0% Native American, she still stands by Native Americans 100%.  Recognize some Native leaders across America, pinpoint issues that resonate with Natives.  Make lemonade from these lemons Elizabeth!

End this Racist Pocahontas bullshit once and for all.  Either you are and you aren’t, but you stand by Native Americans either way.  This is a win-win situation.

Trump will never take the IQ test and Elizabeth Warren has the advantage either way.

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