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This 12-year-old English schoolboy with IQ 162 is smarter than Einstein

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This 12-year-old English schoolboy with IQ 162 is smarter than Einstein

A 12-year-old English schoolboy from Bristol is now one of the smartest kids in the world after scoring an incredible 162 on the IQ test. It is the highest possible score for those under 18 and is higher than that of Albert Einstein, whose IQ was thought to be 160.

After receiving his top score at the end of the December, Barnaby Swinburne has been accepted into the Mensa, the High IQ Society. Mensa takes in members whose IQ range falls in the top two percent of the world’s population. Barnaby’s score earns him a place in the top one percent.

Scoring 162 on Mensa’s IQ test

The youngster took the IQ test after asking it for his Christmas present. Mensa carries out two tests one with images and sequences and a second one with a lot of languages and uses the highest result.

The 12-year-old raked up the highest possible score for a child he scored among the top 1% and the top 4% of the world population respectively on the two tests.

Aim to become a programmer

He loves mathematics and chemistry, and wants to become a programmer. He is already checking out university courses and plans to attend Oxford University.

Apart from that, he also follows the stock market, and as his second Christmas gift, had asked his parents for money to invest into cryptocurrency.

Journey of self-discovery

His mother describes him as “very ambitious, an absolute joker and a class clown” but also “so caring and lovely”. He also enjoys sports.

She says that everything her son does has been a part of his own journey of self-discovery and not cause his parents pushed him.

Smartest kids in India

Several Indian kids have also scored IQ 162 on the Mensa test.

A few of the notable names are Rahul, Rajgauri, and Arnav Sharma, all of whom made headlines in 2017.

In 2018, 10-year-old Mehul Garg scored IQ 162 on the Mensa test.

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