While the public perception is that teachers have it nice and easy over the summer, we know the truth. Teachers spend a lot of their so-called “summers off” lugging boxes, planning lessons, and prepping their rooms for next year. If these classroom setup photos aren’t proof that teachers should be paid more, I don’t know what is.

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They take planning seriously.

Very seriously.

While you’re at the beach, they’re writing the same 30 names on literally everything.

And we can’t forget the labels. So many labels.

They drive to every Dollar Spot in town to get 20 matching bins.

And they’re masters of the hot glue gun (which they probably brought from home).

They cover up ugly filing cabinets to make their classrooms nicer places to be.

They’re basically Pinterest royalty.

With a touch of Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Even their classroom doors are amazing.

Not to mention their desks.

We should pay teachers more because they enlist their family members in setting up their classrooms.

And because they raid sales for their students.

They think of everything their students will need, right down to the last detail.

They make sure every kid is ready to succeed.

They go above and beyond to make their classrooms special.

And oh-so cheerful.

Some are downright magical, in fact.

They literally set up pretend campfires in their classrooms.

And do their best to make their classrooms feel like home.


Everyone knows how hard teachers work.

And they deal with this chaos year after year.

And they do it with a sense of humor and endless love and passion for their jobs.

This kind of handwriting takes work.

And this much flair takes moolah.

A teacher’s classroom is their castle, but very few of them are as rich as kings.

Basically, we should pay teachers more because they know the magic of a #beforeandafter.

And most of them are paying for it out of their own pockets.


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