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Teachers Share How Much Paid Parental Leave They Receive

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The topic of parental and family leave has been in the headlines the past several weeks as President Biden pushes to create a national standard on paid family and sick leave. And a recent social media campaign for #showusyourleave showcased the dismal state of affairs for family leave in the United States. Nine states and the District of Columbia mandate some degree of paid parental leave, but federal laws only guarantee new parents six weeks of unpaid time off.  Not all workers qualify, and we were curious: what does teacher parental leave look like? We took an informal poll on social media, and the results are distressing, to say the least. Of the 600+ correspondents, 60 percent stated they get no time off outside of any sick or personal days accrued. 30 percent get between 6-12 weeks off, although most of it is unpaid. And the remaining lucky few (almost all international) get more than 12 weeks off.

Here’s a sampling of teacher parental leave across the different states.


“We have to have sick time saved to be paid.”

“12 weeks unpaid. I had disability insurance that I could use for 6 weeks.” —Florence



“Zero. I had to use all of my sick/personal days to remain on payroll.” —Tucson

“2 weeks.” —Centennial Park





“No parental leave. Just 5 sick days a school year.” —San Diego

“6 weeks.” —Palm Springs

“I got 60% of my salary for 2 weeks and 55% for 8 weeks.” —Los Angeles

“5 weeks disability.” —San Diego


“6 weeks for natural birth, 8 weeks for c-section.” —Thornton


“12 weeks.” —Dover


“None.” —Ft. Lauderdale

“None” —Columbia County

“Zero paid leave.” —Jackson


“None. You have to use sick leave.” —Atlanta

“None.” —Waynesboro


“40 days. 20 for family leave of absence + 20 sick days.” —Maui


“4 weeks paid.” —Twin Falls


“None.” —Bloomington

“Zero days.” —Plainfield


“None for foster/adoptive parents.” —Muncie

“6 weeks.”


“None.” —Des Moines

“6 weeks.” —Des Moines


“Zero. I think we have to use sick days the whole time.”


“None.” —Baton Rouge


“None. There is no paid parental leave.” —Montgomery County

“2 weeks.”


“Zero. Is paid parental leave even a thing in the education world?” —Boston


“6 weeks paid leave.” –Auburn Hills


“None; only my paid sick time.”

“10 days.”


“Zero days outside of normal sick time.” —Springfield

“6 weeks.” —St. Louis

“8 weeks.” —Kansas City


“None.” —Ansley


“8 weeks CCSD.” —Las Vegas

New Hampshire

“6 weeks for natural birth, 8 weeks for c-section.” —Hollis

New Jersey

“6 weeks maternity and then 12 weeks FMLA.” —East Orange

New York

“8 weeks of my sick days (c-section).” —Galway

“8 weeks.” —NYC

“12 weeks at 65% of salary.” —Rochester

North Carolina

“Zero time. Any time taken was unpaid outside of your sick days.” —Onslow County

North Dakota

“Zero days. We have to use all of our sick days and then unpaid for whatever else we take.”


“None, we have to use our sick days.”

“6 weeks paid and 6 weeks unpaid.” —Parma

“Zero” —Cincinnati


“Zero weeks.”

“Zero. Had to use short-term disability.”


“Whatever sick/personal days you have saved.” —Harrisburg

“None.” —Philadelphia

“6 weeks.” —Pittsburg

South Carolina

“Zero hours.” —Columbia

“Only sick days.” —Myrtle Beach

South Dakota

“I am going to be getting paid because I have enough sick days banked.” —Sioux Falls


“None.” —Colleyville

“Zero.” —Houston

“Zero.” —San Antonio

“What’s that? We pay for our own disability, and then get paid from that.” —South Central Texas

“6 weeks.” —Corpus Christi


“None.” —Davis County

“I didn’t get any. It was FMLA unpaid. Still expected to plan and grade without pay.”


“I used my sick time, otherwise it wouldn’t get paid.” —Sutton


“We only get our sick days and personal days, then we have to go on FMLA.” —Alexandria


“Zero.” —Seattle

“12 weeks unpaid. No paid requirement from my state.” —Spokane


“None” —West Allis

“12 weeks unpaid FMLA. Took a few sicks days to cover a little cost.”


“15 days.”


Our friends outside of the United States tend to get more time off for parental leave. We aren’t surprised.

“13 weeks.” —Scotland

“16 weeks.” —Spain

“16 weeks.” —Tarragona, Catalonia

“26 weeks.” —New Zealand

“10 months.” —Finland

“50 weeks, almost 100% for the first half and 55% for the rest” —Quebec, Canada

“12 months.” —Canada

“12 months.” —Australia

“1 year.” —Melbourne, Victoria

“18 months.” —Ontario, Canada

“2 years.” —Romania

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