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Tado Energy IQ could take the worry out of your winter heating bill

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Energy bills are a pressing matter for families across the UK right now, with one major provider already coming under government control amid spiralling fuel costs.

Tado is hoping to give users all of the information they need to keep their bills down – or at least know what the damage is likely to be – with a new Energy IQ feature for owners of its Tado smart thermostat.

The newly-launched feature, which sits between the company’s companion app, shows real time energy consumption and how much it’s actually costing consumers to heat their home this winter, in real time. Energy IQ will also surface ideas on how to control energy consumption, making suggestions for granular changes that can help save you money. That feature is coming soon, Tado says.

tado energy iq

In a press release, the company writes: “Energy IQ will also allow users to make actionable changes such as setting temperatures and energy-saving functions down to the smallest details so that the level of heating costs matches a household’s budget and heating comfort level.

“In the Tado app, users can simply toggle on/off these energy-saving functions such as geofencing, Open Window Detection or Weather Adaptation to see for themselves the corresponding effects and savings they will have on their energy bill.”

The company says this is the first feature of its kind to offer users a direct link between their heating habits and how much this is costing in terms of actual spend. It means, according to Tado, users can spend less time worrying about how much their winter heating bill might be, because the estimated cost will be displayed within the app.

“Currently UK households have been heating their homes without fully understanding the impact on their monthly bill,” said Christian Deilmann, co-founder and CPO at Tado. “Our new app feature “Energy IQ” will be the world’s first solution where users can decide in advance how much they want to spend on heating costs in a month and make changes to adjust this cost.”

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