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Solve iQ's DNS Protection Slams the Door on Malicious Websites

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AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Solve iQ, the leading subscription-based on-demand IT solution for PC users, kept tens of thousands of customers from falling prey to cybercrooks in 2020.

Malicious websites flourished as online shopping spiked as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns. Solve iQ’s DNS Protection powered by Quad9 automatically blocks customers directed to fake websites. Using an anonymized sample size of approximately 154,000 Solve iQ customers from May, over 54,000 were protected an average of four times from more than 8,000 malware domains.

DNS protection is not included in most security solutions today which means that the majority of people are unprotected from sites harboring malware. For example, criminals know how to create “phishing” domains leveraging the domain name system (DNS) so, instead of going to your favorite shopping site, you’re taken to a site that loads malware on your machine, or you’re duped into giving away your personal information.

“Everyone has gotten so comfortable with online shopping that nobody imagines they could be tricked into giving away personal information on a dummy site,” said Solve iQ Senior Vice President Bogdan Odulinski. “Our DNS Protection is built into the Solve iQ app, and it is specifically designed to prevent users from being led astray to a malicious site.”

Fraud spiked in 2020 with the Federal Trade Commission receiving more than 2.1 million fraud reports that cost consumers more than $3.3 billion. That’s up sharply from the $1.8 billion consumers lost in 2019.

“We provide an additional line of defense for consumers,” Odulinski said. “It’s up to each person to protect their personal and financial information. But when it comes to protecting that information online, we’re the best way to avoid a security setback.”

For more information regarding Solve iQ’s software-based service or to sign up please visit solveiq.com

About Solve iQ

Asurvio’s Solve iQ solution brings a better technology experience to anyone who wants it. Headquartered in Austin, Solve iQ was founded on the guiding principle that everyone deserves technology that works. Going far beyond the ability to automatically optimize, protect, and detect updates and repairs for both consumers and businesses, Solve iQ is a sophisticated IT support on-demand utility for users of any PC competence level. Solve iQ’s focus is to improve productivity and reduce costs for consumers and small businesses while creating additional value to their OEM partners, service providers and their respective customers. For more information, please visit: http://www.solveiq.com

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