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Quinn on Nutrition: Test your bean IQ with our short quiz

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A) The opposite of wet beans.

B) Edible seeds from legume plants.

C) Foods referred to as “pulses” that need to be cooked before eating.

According to the US Dry Bean Council, which states produce the most beans?

A) North Dakota, Michigan and Nebraska.

B) Minnesota, Idaho and Colorado.

C) California and Washington.

Answer: All these states produce dry beans but North Dakota, Michigan and Nebraska top the list.

Which beans do we Americans like the most?

C) Red kidney and black beans.

Answer: A. Pinto and navy are the most popular, followed by the other types.

According to the latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans, what is unique about beans?

A) They make you the life of the party.

B) They come in a variety of colors.

C) They are high in protein as well as other important nutrients, so we can count them as vegetables and protein foods.

What type of beans are the most healthful?

A) Pinto, navy, Great Northern.

C) The ones that you eat.

Answer: C. All dry beans are good for us.

Why are beans good for us?

A) They provide good conversation at dinner parties.

B) They contain compounds that can lower blood cholesterol levels.

C) They are digested slowly so they can help people with diabetes control their blood sugar levels.

According to researchers at the University of Nebraska, what substances do pinto beans contain?

A) Substances that can make you run faster and jump higher.

B) Substances that can reduce cholesterol as effectively as some medications.

C) Substances that lowered cholesterol levels in animals even when they were fed a diet high in saturated fat.

Answer: B and C. Although this study was done with animals, these scientists found certain components in pinto beans that appear to turn off the liver’s ability to manufacturer excess cholesterol, much in the way that some cholesterol-lowering medications work. Fascinating.

What is the recommended amount of beans we should eat?

C) ½ to 2 cups a week, depending on how many calories you eat.

Answer: C. People with smaller appetites need at least a half cup of cooked beans or lentils a week; bigger eaters should aim for 2 or more cups a week, according to current guidelines.

What makes beans less gassy?

B) Rinsing and soaking them in water, draining and cooking them in fresh water

C) Gradually adding them to our diets.

According to the Nebraska Dry Bean Commission, what does one pound (2 cups) of dry beans turn into?

A) Enough to feed a football team.

B) 6 cups of cooked beans

C) A tasty and healthful meal.

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