NetApp Active IQ Gets Enhanced


by Adam Armstrong

Today at NetApp INSIGHT 2019 in Vegas, the company announced new features and enhancements to its intelligent monitoring service, Active IQ. Active IQ was announced back in 2017. Active IQ is an analytics solution that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) as proactive support. Today’s announcement highlights a few changes to Active IQ.

The application of artificial intelligence and machine learning, more commonly referred to as AIOps, is becoming increasingly important in the new age of intelligent data management. Hybrid multi-cloud has gone from an option for enterprises to almost the norm. While hybrid multi-cloud offers tremendous benefits, they also introduce immense complexity. The hybrid multi-cloud environments are rapidly evolving and IT has to roll with the punches to keep up and help their organizations get a leg up on the competition. The best weapon in a company’s arsenal is actual intelligence, not an algorithm acting on predefined rules to push out templated reports that a human operator must still analyze and act on masquerading as intelligence.

Over the last couple of decades, NetApp has been cultivating its data lake. In other works, it has been aggregating and anonymizing metadata information from its entire hardware and software customer ecosystem (now the largest living set of IT analytics data). The data lake was initially used for reactive actions but with the introduction of more advanced AI and ML it has evolved to offer predictive and prescriptive insights and guidance. Now, its NetApp Active IQ is quoted as saving its customers over two million hours of lost productivity due to avoided downtime.

New Features include:

  • Active IQ uses AIOps to act as a user’s Digital Advisor, identifying best next actions and automating fixes and optimizations with a single click of a button. These AIOps capabilities are included with the new SupportEdge Advisor and SupportEdge Expert offerings, enabling users to spend less time managing infrastructure and more time on strategic activities.
  • Active IQ predictive guidance is included with Cloud Insights. Together, Active IQ and Cloud Insights span the entirety of any hybrid multicloud environment, no matter how complex, acting as the only solution to provide a single source of truth for the performance of an entire infrastructure (with Cloud Insights, not just for NetApp products) in real time.
  • NetApp is also introducing Cloud Insights Premium, an advanced version of our popular cloud- monitoring SaaS-based tool, which adds Kubernetes monitoring with topology visualization and insider threat detection.


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