John Abraham On Social Media Commentary: Low IQ & High Confidence Is The Most Dangerous Thing


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John Abraham’s upcoming film RAW is all set to hit the screens this Friday. The actor while promoting his movie told TOI about the dangers of social media commentary and why he does not believe in the business of trending on social media. He said, ”I would say that social media commentary is dangerous. If you are saying something that is sensitive, you rather not say it if you are not backed by the knowledge to comment on the subject. The most dangerous thing in this world is low IQ and high confidence. It can’t get worse than that.”

Talking about promotions of the films on social media, he said, ”I keep telling people that I am not in the business of trending on social media. I do not want to be in a space where I have to be in the news and say something exceptional that will trend. In our line of work, things have changed so much. Earlier, a producer would take you to a hoarding in Juhu and tell you, ‘Look, here is where you are’.”

John Abraham On Social Media Commentary: Low IQ & High Confidence Is The Most Dangerous Thing

”Now, the same producer says, ‘Look, you are trending at number one and you are tracking so well’. It might make some actors happy, but I have seen film promotions that have got the fastest 100 million views online, but then, what’s happened to some of those films after they hit the theatres? I feel that a good film will always find its audience. So, my point is, just make a good film, and don’t worry how it is tracking, trending or anything else,”John added.

When asked about his next release Romeo Akbar Walter, John said, ”I read the script and I wanted to do it, I knew this was a fantastic story. I was fortunate that Robbie Grewal (writer-director) approached me, though he didn’t expect me to do it. The minute I heard it, I was floored and the first thing I told him was that this is not flaky stuff; the film is so well-researched. Robbie has grown up in an army background; his father was part of the military intelligence, so the subject is close to his heart. Both Robbie and I are intrinsically India lovers.”

He went on to add, ”The good thing is that this film is not jingoistic or overtly patriotic. It does not get into the zone of bashing other countries, it is a thriller. Just like ‘Raazi’, which was after all a human story, this one is, too. Unfortunately for us, the film is releasing post the Pulwama attacks. It has been in the making for a year. In fact, it was always meant to release between March 15 and April 12, you can find it mentioned in the industry trade magazines. We pushed the date ahead to April 5. We know that unfortunately, the film resonates with the mood of the country, but it’s not pre-planned.”

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