Joe Scarborough: ‘America’s IQ Dropped About 100 Points’ Because of ‘Extraordinary Stupid’ GOP Defense of Trump


Joe Scarborough has a few words he’d like to share with Republican members of the House Intel committee.

At issue is the stunning impeachment inquiry testimony of Gordon Sondland, and the most loyal defense of President Donald Trump, who to great lengths to defend the embattled commander in chief, and the Morning Joe host described as “one of the stupidest, most depressing days [he’s] ever seen watching television.”

The EU Ambassador opened his hearing with a series of jaw-dropping statements, namely that a White House meeting between Ukraine President was tied to announcing a Biden investigation, and that “everyone was in the loop,” including Trump and, perhaps more damningly, his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. 

These stunning details, however, were entirely ignored by Republican members of the House Intel committee, who largely sought to explore whistleblower conspiracy theories and blasting the media.

“I really don’t understand what was going on with the Republicans not being called out more aggressively than they were,” Scarborough offered, before adding ” I really felt like all of America’s IQ dropped about a hundred points because their defenses were in such bad faith, or actually just revealed the mind of extraordinary stupid human beings.”

Watch above via MSNBC.


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