‘IQ vital for an educated heart’

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Q1 What are your new plans for the academic session 2020-21 after the pandemic situation?

Ans.1 The academic session 2020-2021 started on an unprecedented note. The current situation has taught us to make the use of technological tools as an integral part of the teaching-learning process. I am looking forward to the reopening of schools, following which I will continue virtual and real-life classrooms in the school. Both are required for the safety and security of students. Besides, we will try and ensure that all students adopt behavioural practice of social distancing. From their seating plan in the schools till they leave for home, everything will require a change.

Q2 Education is a holistic process. How do you ensure that?

Ans.2 At DPS, Ambala, the integrated curriculum of the school focuses on thematic units that aims at helping the students learn critical-thinking skills, social skills, decision-making and problem-solving ability. Through multidisciplinary projects, they are also encouraged to be a part of community service and realise their social responsibility. In order to make learning an everlasting and a happy experience for students, we propagate understanding and action as educational goals as opposed to rote knowledge. We emphasise on collaboration and cooperation rather than competition. 

Q3 What is the teacher-taught ratio in your school?

Ans.3 The teacher-taught ratio in the school is strictly as per the guidelines of the government i.e. 30 students in a class to ensure proper attention to each student.

Q4 How have you incorporated innovative teaching methodology in classrooms?

Ans.4 During normal circumstances, we generally adopt various crossover learning methods which bridges the formal and informal learning settings. Authentic and engaging opportunities to innovate, experiment, field trips, excursions and visits etc. are provided to the learners. Group discussion, debate and presentations are incorporated. During this time of virtual classes, experiential learning is infused and supported by adaptive teaching to enable the students to make the best of their capabilities. They are motivated to explore the world by reading books, searching references/links from the Internet.

Q5 Any special handholding initiative for under achievers?

Ans.5 The underachievers require special attention and care and to cater to their specific needs, we encourage group learning, peer tutoring and remedial classes. The teachers adopt mnemonics (phrases to build a link with the topic) and scaffolding (breaking the concept or text in chunks) as teaching strategies. The under achievers are thus taken care of according to their special needs and pace of learning.

Q6 What are the vocation education classes or skill building opportunities given to students in your school?

Ans.6 The school aims at developing inherent interest of all students by providing them facility to participate in various activity and sports club/competitions. Keeping in mind the multiple Intelligence theory of Howard Gardner, we try to allow each student develop the skill which interests him/her. Along with it creativity, communication skills, teamwork, adaptability, positive attitude towards work, self-management, self-motivation, problem solving initiative, stress management, interpersonal sensitivity and technology/IT skills are the skills developed in all dipsites through inter/intra house, inter class and inter-school activities and competitions.

Q7 What is your vision for your students?

Ans.7 I believe that knowledge is an everlasting quest. In the present scenario, I feel that along with an educated head the IQ it is also important to have an educated heart that bears impressions of compassion, love, sensitivity, modesty and responsibility. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is equally important for all. I wish to nurture my students by imparting value-based education which the world needs today. I feel immense pride in the fact that our students leave the portals of the school with a strong thinking head and a good heart which provides a perfect blend to their personality.


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