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IQ bot enhances cognitive automation technologies: View

by 100IQ Win The Knowledge

By Milan Sheth

There’s no doubt that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is here to stay. It is leading to the increase of a global digital workforce in every industry. However, traditional automation is not yet 100 percent capable of accessing all company data and information. Much of this information is stored in old-fashioned formats, so human intervention is necessary to make sense of this ‘dark data’ and then feed it into a RPA workflow. In a sense, the digital workforce still requires a helping human hand.

But the digital workforce is constantly maturing and entering a new realm where it is becoming smarter. Building on the foundation of cognitive automation, it is enabling organizations to sort through piles of unstructured data and organize it, before processing it in an automated manner.

While the digital workforce works best with structured data in the form of spreadsheets, databases and CSV (Comma-Separated Value) files that comprise 20 percent of all company information, what about the remaining 80 percent of data? These are present in unstructured or semi-structured formats such as invoices, contracts, emails, images and more. Human intervention is still required to sort through these. The pressing need is for a solution that can – recognize unstructured content, understand its meaning, enrich the extracted data, and improve accuracy and delivery time.

IQ Bot – Cognitive RPA With No Limits

This is where Automation Anywhere’s IQ Bot comes into the picture. While it does require initial training by humans to learn how to handle unstructured and unclear data, it leverages built-in cognitive skills to get more efficient at this task. This enables end-to-end automation which allows it to ultimately take on tasks that deal with the most unstructured data. It closes an obvious gap and combines with other AI solutions to bridge the gap between your digital workforce and pure cognitive platforms.

IQ Bot essentially thinks like humans and can be integrated into any stage of an organization’s automation process. The end result is noticeably lower human involvement, but it also introduces an AI element into the digital workforce and the future of work. Using a combination of the two technologies, bots can sort through piles of unstructured data and then pass them on to the appropriate processing workflows.

This white paper by the Everest Group highlights the importance of maturing digital workforces merged with AI. In most cases, this means implementing AI into the process at some stage. IQ Bot is one of the simplest ways to get started on your AI automation journey and there are many success stories to draw inspiration from.

The Benefits of an AI-Augmented Digital Workforce

Studies by Automation Anywhere reveal that 80 percent of business processes still rely on humans to locate and organise unstructured data. There’s no reason why this can’t change, and it represents a massive business opportunity for those looking to begin their automation journey. It can drastically lower the time spent on thankless jobs sorting through dark data by outsourcing it to cognitive RPA solutions instead. New technologies such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), fuzzy logic and Machine Learning (ML) can also be introduced into the mix to make a greater impact.

The future of the digital workforce undoubtedly lies in cognitive RPA, and we believe that this is 10 times faster to set up, than manual processes, provides 70 percent end-to-end automation within four weeks, can continuously self-learn and cause no disruption to existing workflows.

We strongly encourage business users to explore the benefits of a cognitive digital workforce enhanced with IQ Bot and discover how it can automate business processes further while simultaneously reducing human error.

The author is EVP – IMEA at Automation Anywhere
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