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How Bosch is boosting the IQ of cities

by 100IQ Win The Knowledge

Bosch pushes forward innovation for smart city

In other words, cities that are intelligent and sustainable, and offer us a safe, energy-efficient, and all-around great place to live.

Technologies to create this kind of urban environment exist, and many are already in use. Step by step, cities and communities around the world are boosting their IQ. As one of the companies with the broadest and most comprehensive portfolios of smart-city solutions, as well as decades of cross-domain expertise, Bosch is supporting cities to do it.

One of the major focus of smart city initiatives is mobility. Due to alarming increase in road vehicles, Vietnam’s fast-growing cities like Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Danang are facing numerous transportation challenges such as heavy traffic, congestion, and pollution.

To help the cities combat the challenges, Bosch has developed a series of solutions for improved traffic flow, convenient commuting and better road safety. Our vision is to create an urban environment that is free of emissions, stress, and accidents. This is tied to three technological developments: automation, electrification, and connectivity.

“Electromobility is one of the keys to achieving sustainable mobility for the cities. Bosch offers electromobility solutions for nearly all vehicle segments – from eBike systems up to solutions for commercial vehicles”, said Guru Mallikarjuna, managing director, Bosch Vietnam.

Bosch’s eScooter Integrated System, in particular, has been used as the core system by Vietnamese automaker Vinfast for its first e-scooter model named Klara. The drive system for two-wheelers has a motor with high power and efficiency (up to 90 per cent) to help vehicle move smoother and reach a further distance.

Meanwhile, its human machine interface can inform users with useful information about the status of the system and the vehicle, such as temperature, speed and battery capacity. The system also can connect with users’ smartphone in order to monitor where the escooters are.

The electromobility solutions will not only offer a smart and eco-friendly alternative to commuting for end users, but also help build up smart cities of the future.

Another solution is the Intelligent Traffic Management (ITM) combining cameras, sensors, video and data analytics, integrated communications to provide traffic conditions to traffic management authorities in real time.

The ITM solution assists traffic management authorities like the police to detect traffic violations, capture the number plate of the vehicles and automatically create e-tickets for the violation with pictures and videos as proof. As a result, the solution will bring in traffic discipline and increase average traffic speed for better connectivity in the cities.

Furthermore, Bosch’s security solutions, such as connected surveillance cameras and other technologies, are helping cities solve the urban transportation and safety issue by providing seamless digital platforms.

To accelerate ambitions for Vietnamese cities to become smart, Bosch also facilitates startups and students to develop smart city solutions. In November, Bosch held its annual startup accelerator program to help support potential start-ups using IoT solutions to solve challenges in the fields of transport and agriculture.

The company not only provide technical expertise, guidance and mentoring for the start-ups, but also help them identify ways to bring their smart products to market more quickly.

When it comes to urban mobility, Bosch has developed a diverse product portfolio comprising of intelligent mobility solutions and services. Moving forward, the company will focus more on developing and providing mobility solutions in connected, smart cities in order to drive its business development in Vietnam.

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