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Here’s How Celtics’ Robert Williams Improved Basketball IQ During Recovery

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Robert Williams

Robert Williams is finally available to play for the first time in 2020 in the Boston Celtics’ Leap Day matchup against the Houston Rockets.

He isn’t guaranteed to see a lot of time upon his return, especially having missed the last 37 games due to a hip bone edema, but he used his time out wisely. While subjected to the sidelines, he soaked up everything he could from teammate Brad Wanamaker.

“At halftime, at the end of the game, every time he came out, I just asked him what he’s seeing out there,” Williams said at the Red Auerbach Center on Saturday, per CLNS Media. “He’d tell me what he feels like we’re doing, tells me what he feels like we’re doing wrong, and we just talk about it.”

Though both Williams and Wanamaker are in their second NBA seasons, Wanamaker is highly respected for his experience playing professionally all over Europe by teammates and coach Brad Stevens.

“I think our guys really respect his mind, and a lot of guys look up to him,” Stevens said, per CLNS Media. “He’s been kind of a quiet leader for us, and it makes sense that Rob would go and sit next to him and pick his brain.”

It will probably take some time for Williams to readjust to the NBA’s pace of play, but thanks to Williams, he’ll come back with a better understanding of the game.

“A lot of Keying in on defense,” Williams said. “I’ve been picking that up a lot over the past two months. Attention to detail. Hopefully you see the IQ change.”

The Celtics and Rockets tip-off Saturday night at 8:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

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