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Genius boy, 7, speaks five languages and has a higher IQ than Einstein

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Leo Gomez-Franqueira, 7, could name all of the flags in the world by age one and was assessed to be in the top 2% of IQs by a psychologist at the age of two

Leo, 7, can speak 5 languages and knew the alphabet before he was 1

A seven-year-old boy who can speak five languages has an IQ higher than Einstein, psychologists say.

Leo Gomez-Franqueira family lives in Wimbledon with his parents, who say he was saying the word “papa” at three months old.

He also grew his first tooth at the same age and at six months old was standing independently, MyLondon reports.

When he was 11 months old he knew all the letters in the alphabet, and knew all the flags of the world before he was one.

His mum says that Leo has a “gift”, and that they always knew he was special.

Mum Teresa said: “He was really only a ‘baby’ for four to five months.

Leo was taken to see a psychologist at the age of two after his parents thought he had a “gift”


Teresa Gómez-Franqueira Otero)

“After that, he was just so advanced.

“It’s like having three kids in one. He needs constant stimulation and is always wanting to be doing something.”

Teresa and Leo’s father, Inaki San Pedro, both originally from Spain, decided to visit a psychologist when Leo was two.

After an assessment, it was revealed that he had a higher IQ than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkins – placing him in the top two per cent of the population.

As a result, he was invited to Mensa, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world, and became the youngest member at two.

“He could communicate in 4 different languages by one,” Teresa explained.

“He plays multiple instruments including the cello.

“For a gifted kid, it’s important that you get them checked out, the sooner, the better.

“He could name all the flags in the world by one. So we knew that Leo was different.”

However, Teresa did say that raising a gifted seven-year-old comes with challenges.

“The biggest thing is time,” she said. “You constantly have to keep him engaged and entertained.

“My husband is in charge of Leo’s activities and you need to keep him challenged and motivated.”

And it seems Leo is interested in a whole host of hobbies and wants to give everything a try.

Along with learning languages, he loves Kung-Fu, playing football, golf and tennis, as well as playing on his iPad or Nintendo Wii with his dad.

Due to his high IQ, Leo needs to be entertained constantly and has many hobbies


Teresa Gómez-Franqueira Otero)

“Even though he’s highly intelligent, he’s really like a normal seven-year old at times,” Teresa said.

“He likes his games; he’s still childish at times even though he’s mentally very mature.

“He loves playing with his friends.”

Leo is still learning about the world and his interests, even though he is two to three years more advanced mentally for his age.

Teresa knows he wants to do everything but the main thing for her is that he finds his passion and works hard.

She said: “The most important for us is that he is happy and finds what he loves. He learns things really fast but that doesn’t mean you can stop working.

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“When he’s older, we want him to find what he really likes the most and for him to be happy doing it.

“Being gifted and a hard worker, you will reach the stars.”

And what about Leo himself?

He told MyLondon: “I love everything, football, school and playing games. If I could play anybody in a movie, I would be Harry Potter.”

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