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EQ vs IQ: Which One Wins the Battle for Leadership & Corporate Advancement?

by 100IQ Win The Knowledge

Emotional Intelligence Results Multiplier

The accelerating rate of change has made emotional intelligence a must have career skill. For a long time, companies have hired employees based largely upon IQ and experience with little or no attention paid to an individual’s emotional intelligence. This has resulted in a wide variation in the levels of emotional intelligence among individuals within an organization. Increasingly, companies have begun hiring and promoting based primarily upon emotional intelligence. 

We have all experienced the toxic effects created by individuals with low levels of emotional intelligence. These individuals may have been hired for their IQ and experience but they often find themselves in dead end jobs, passed over for promotion or even fired for their lack of emotional intelligence. The so-called soft skills of emotional intelligence are anything but soft. It is the soft skill that is producing hard results. 

When people are frightened, they tend to run toward their strengths and away from their weaknesses. The combination of EQ and IQ has proven to be a remarkable results multiplier. A UC Berkeley study found that EQ is 400% more powerful than IQ in predicting success. Individuals with high EQ outperformed revenue targets by 15-20%. EQ is responsible for 58% of success regardless of job category. Emotionally intelligent people earn, on average, $29,000 more per year.

My first 20 years as an executive began in the semiconductor industry. For the past 21 years I have been an executive coach, teacher and mentor dedicated to helping executives and organizations BET ON THEMSELVES by developing their emotional intelligence.

As Founder and CEO of the Master of Business Leadership program I offer members the opportunity for an EXTRAORDINARY life filled with EXPONENTIAL success. MBL Alumni live in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Japan, Germany, Bosnia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.

Career Revenue $1.5B

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