EQ Now More Valuable Than IQ in Predicting Success Says The Learning Worker, a New E-Learning Expert



EQ Now More Valuable Than IQ in Predicting Success Says The Learning Worker, a New E-Learning Expert

TheLearningWorker.com launches a new one-hour video tutorial on emotional intelligence (EQ) for ambitious young people who want to crush the corporate ladder

SEPTEMBER 8, 2020 – Co-founder Chris Marrington says he and The Learning Worker team spent countless hours poring through scores of research studies and interviews with business and academic leaders to understand the importance of emotional intelligence.

Quoting research published by global EQ expert Daniel Goleman, he says for star performance in every field, emotional competence is twice as important as purely cognitive abilities

For success at the highest levels in leadership positions, emotional competence represents almost the entire advantage. So understanding yourself and others is more critical than understanding your specialty.

Awareness, self-control, motivation and, most important, empathy are the qualities of people who excel in life. Their personal relationships flourish and so do their careers.

Even major universities have cottoned on: many of them insist that candidates must demonstrate a high EQ as an entry requirement.

Following the EQ tutorial, The Learning Worker has several more topics in the pipeline, including managing meetings more effectively, handling job interviews and preparing for leadership.

About Chris Marrington

He and his team have experience at all levels in corporate firms in several countries and they have run successful businesses of their own. They focus on the 60% of young workers who lack the non-technical skills necessary for success.

More information and a simple EQ test can be found at bit.ly/startEQquiz

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