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Brendan Dassey’s IQ: How High Was It?

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Wisconsin courts

What was Brendan Dassey’s iq?

Much has been made about the cognitive challenges faced by Steven Avery’s nephew, Brendan Dassey, whose videotaped confessions in the Teresa Halbach murder were challenged aggressively in court.

Although a federal appeals court eventually ruled the confessions were voluntary (rejecting a lower panel and magistrate’s opposite conclusion), they are expected to be featured front-and-center in arguments in Making a Murderer 2 that Dassey did not get a fair shake. Both Dassey and Avery were convicted in Wisconsin courts in 2007 in the murder of Halbach, a photographer whose bone fragments were found in a burn pit and barrels behind Avery’s trailer on the family junkyard property. The confession tapes were also featured in the first Making a Murderer series on Netflix, sparking outrage with many viewers who believed Dassey was a malleable and cognitively challenged youth (he was 16 at the time.)