70 Back-to-School Bulletin Board Ideas from Creative Teachers


We asked teachers to submit their best back-to-school bulletin board ideas on Facebook, and we received hundreds of great submissions! Check out some of the best below, along with our other favorites from around the web, and make this your best back-to-school time ever!

1. Coming Soon

“This is my clipboard wall. It’s so easy to quickly display student work.” –Samantha M.

Coming Soon Work - Back-to-School Bulletin Board Ideas


2. Wanted Posters

Saddle up for a year of rootin’-tootin’ fun with this clever idea from Bunting, Books, & Bright Ideas.

Bunting Books


3. Classroom Goals

All the kids get involved in this one, writing on their individual cactus. Good idea, Amy M.



4. Away We Go

Love this adorable design from Kings River-Hardwick Preschool

Away We Go - Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas


5. Reading is a Superpower

Reading and superheroes. Yes please. Thanks, Deirdre T.

Superpowers Bulletin Board


6. Wonder Wall

Speaking of superheroes, how about this “Wonder”-ful board from Jessica W. on Pinterest?

Jessica W Pinterest


7. Chicka Chicka Awesome Room

A nod to a great book. Great idea, Holle B.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Bulletin


8. The Power of Yet

This bulletin board shows student’s it’s okay to be a work-in-progress. Thanks, Teresa J.

Yet Bulletin Board


9. Seek and Find 

Have students (and teachers) draw themselves, then each week post a new person to find! A really cool idea from Art at Three Creeks.

Art at Three Creeks


10. Summer Travels

“Teachers and students can fill out a paper telling what travels they did this summer. Then I add it to the board and put a piece of yard from their paper to where they visited.” –Amanda Y.

Summer Travels

11. Adventure Begins Here

Nicholas S. is ready for an adventure with his design.

Adventure Bulletin Board


12. Blooming Board

Colorful 3-D flowers and a welcoming message in a lovely font make this board a pleasure to look at. Learn how to make the flowers at Art, Craft, & Bulletin Board Ideas by Manisha.

Art Craft and Bulletin Board Ideas


13. Borrowing from Scrabble

“I know I broke a few Scrabble rules, but oh well.”–Anastasia E.

Scrabble Bulletin


14. Fire it Up

“This really has the students fired up for 5th grade.” –Jessicca C.

Smores Bulletin Board


15. Hunger Boards

This board was originally created by Celia F. for her dorm, but wouldn’t it be great in an English classroom?

Celia Figueroa Pinterest


16. Marvelous and Magnifico

“This was my board from last year showing all my students. M&M stands for marvelous and magnifico here.” –Ana M.

M&M Bulletin Board


17. Ready for a Selfie

“This selfie frame is ready to document the important events of this year.” –Stella F.

Selfie Frame


18. Practically Perfect

That Mary Poppins silhouette makes this board as sweet as a spoonful of sugar. Learn how to make one at Creativity to the Core.

Creativity to the Core


19. Throwing Kindness

“Students helped us create the confetti, and we’ve had so many comments about the good message.” –Jeannie W.

Kindness is Confetti


20. Be a Bookworm

“Students fill out a paper telling about their favorite book they read this summer and give it a star rating. I’ll be adding to the board as suggestions come in.” –Amanda Y.

Bookworm Bulletin Board

21. Chew It Over

You may not allow gum in the classroom, but you’ll want to make an exception for this charming board by Doodle Bugs Teaching.

Doodle Bugs Teaching


22. What Makes You Special?

“For this bulletin board, students created a personality assessment and then a nametag with a list of their I AM statements. It gives students ownership of the room right away.” –Candace R.

Sunshine Bulletin Board


23. Like Boom

Give them something to believe in, right from the start.


24. Ladybug Love

Seeing spots can be a good thing, as this adorable ladybug board from Melissa W. on Pinterest proves!

Melissa Worley Pinterest


25. In the Genes

“We are doing a cross-curricular project about DNA. Here’s the board the teachers I work with did to welcome our students. Each of our students wrote their first name within the DNA strands.” –Kyle S.

In Your Genes


26. Shoot for the Moon

It’s a simple message and brilliant design from Erin S.

Over the Moon


27. A Board with a Twist

This playful board was part of a board game classroom theme by Mrs. Shininger’s Blog, but it would stand on its own just fine.

Mrs Shiningers Blog


28. Chalkboard Conversion

“I turned my chalkboard into a big bulletin board.” –Abbie L.

Chalkboard Bulletin Board


29. Celebrating with S’mores

A great design and message for this one from Stephanie N.

Celebrate with Smores


30. Oz-some Adventures

Any class would be over the rainbow to see this colorful and clever board by The Mall-ards!

The Mall-ards

31. Welcome to Starbooks

“This isn’t done yet, but my students will decorate their own book spine from their favorite book to put on the shelves of this board.” –Kelly N.

Starbooks Cafe Bulletin


32. The Places You’ll Go

Stephanie N. made her entire wall leading into her classroom a bulletin board. Can you find Thing 1 and Thing 2?

The Places You'll Go


33. Seuss It Up

Rhyme your way to a year of learning with this simple but fun board by Saylor’s Log.

Supply Me


34. Start Dreaming

Julie A used a quote from Neil Gaiman for inspiration on this reading bulletin board.

A Book is a Dream


35. Rainbow of Possibilities

This bulletin board from Jolene O. sends a great message



36. Have a Blast!

Explode into the new year with this attention-grabbing volcano board.


37. Celebrate the Scientific Method

A++ for creativity from Suzie G.

Scientific Method


38. Doorway to Learning

Welcome students to your classroom, where they can be anything and learn everything. Created by Lessons With Learning.

Lessons With Laughter


39. Gearing Up for Success

When you’re in gear for a good year, try this idea from Bridget P.

Gears Bulletin


40. Time to Get Messy

If your school does uniforms, then try this idea from Louise J.

Time to Get Messy

41. The Sharpest Bunch

Create cacti with tissue paper for this idea from Angela G.

Sharper Bunch


42. Libraries Love You Too 

Even the library books (and librarians) can get in on the act!


43. Selfie Station

Have students draw their own selfies, or snap them with your camera. Either way, this bright board by Differentiated Kindergarten will be a hit!

Differentiated Kindergarten


44. Another Kind of Selfie

A whole new meaning of selfie. Thanks for the idea Jennifer L.

Take a Selfie Bulletin


45. Time for Blast Off

Ready for blast off, thanks to Antwan W.

Black Off Bulletin


46. Arrgh!

Jeanne W. is getting ready for “Talk like a pirate day” in September.

Arrgh Bulletin Board


47. 180 Opportunities

Set the stage for all the incredible experiences to come in the days ahead.


48. Who Am I?

Students will get to know each other in no time flat when you post this board with self portraits and identifying clues. Get the how-to from The Thinker Builder.

The Thinker Builder


49. Team Effort

If you have a sporty group, try this idea from Alicia M.

Football Bulletin Board


50. Super Teacher

The teacher is the star in this idea from Paula B.

Superhero Teacher

51. Wild About the Arts

Create your own lovable monsters with this idea from Ellen S.

Wild About the Arts


52. PAC-MAN Inspiration

This is a great way to recruit new members. Good idea, Rachell B.

Student Council Will Amaze You - Back-to-School Bulletin Board Ideas


53. Why I Teach

This is a fantastic board to post in the main hallway to help parents and students get to know the teachers. What a great idea, Victoria D.!

Victoria D


54. Creating a Future

Sometimes all you need is a powerful message like this one from Dulce E.

Create the Future


55. Garden of Learning

It’s easy to create flowers like this idea from Jessi B.

Garden of Learning


56. Ode to the National Parks

Ms. Embry has a National Park theme, so she made a bulletin board to match.

National Parks Bulletin


57. Going Places with Reading

Small bulletin board? No worries—add a bench like Julie W.

Reading Takes You Places


58. Escape to Narnia

“My weekly vocabulary list will be going on here. Many hours went into this.” –Melanie Shank

Narnia Bulletin


59. Super Stars

Watch little faces light up when you welcome them to your classroom with this shining idea by Miss Wells Kinder Stars.

Miss Jamie Wells


60. Whoo Loves Owls?

Create a giant tree, and the owls will do the rest of the work in this idea from Ashley F.

Owl Bulletin Board

61. Unleash Your Hero

“I’m excited for our superhero theme this year.” –Amanda F.

Unleash the Hero


62. All the Emotions

Get students involved in created this unique emoji-inspired designs from Nancy L.

Faces of the School



63. May the Scores Be with You

“High school students did this bulletin board.” –Julie A.

May the Scores Be With You


64. Latte to Learn

Amanda W. knows her audience with this design for 8th graders.

Latte to Learn


65. Mirror Mirror

A little aluminum foil makes this board a perfect reflection of exciting things to come. Shared by Mrs. Wills’ Kindergarten.

Mrs Wills Kindergarten


66. Remembering with Memes

“I did this one last year with different memes.” –Melanie K.

Meme Bulletin board


67. Emojin the Possibilities

Emojis and a pun at the same time! Thanks Jane S.

Emojin the Possibilities


68. Even More Seuss

There’s never enough Dr. Seuss, right, Becca H?

Seuss Bulletin Boards


69. Looking Ahead

A great middle school message from Jen D.

Road to College


70. AVID Skills Matter

A good AVID message from Jen D.

AVID Skills Bulletin


We’d love to hear your back-to-school bulletin board ideas as well! Come share your photos in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook. 

Plus, take a look at all of our bulletin board ideas here.


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