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4C Acquires Stake in iQ Media, Jointly Create Kinetiq, World’s Largest Unified TV Intelligence Network

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PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–4C and iQ Media today announce the investment in and creation of a new
entity, Kinetiq (www.kinetiq.tv),
that combines iQ Media and 4C’s Teletrax. Kinetiq will serve as the
world’s largest unified TV intelligence network, offering paid and
earned media measurement, monitoring and signaling across local,
national and global markets.

Kinetiq will operate globally, with U.S. headquarters in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania and European headquarters in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Kevin
Kohn, CEO of iQ Media, will serve as CEO of Kinetiq with key management
from 4C and iQ Media completing the leadership team. Existing investors
from 4C and iQ Media, including Jump Capital, Edison Partners, GMH
Ventures, Kayne Capital and Civolution Holdings will remain involved.
The board of directors for the new entity is comprised of Kevin Kohn of
Kinetiq, Dr. Alok Choudhary of 4C, Kelly Ford of Edison Partners, Sach
Chitnis of Jump Capital, and one independent member to be appointed.

Kinetiq’s combined global TV intelligence network will enable
broadcasters, brands, agencies and software partners to evaluate and
measure TV and video with the same speed, accuracy and agility as
digital. Kinetiq combines iQ Media’s ability to identify paid and earned
brand mentions, nationally and across all 210 U.S. DMAs, with the global
Teletrax network: 85+ countries, across more than 250 global capture
locations and approaching 2,500 TV stations.

“Historically, TV attribution has been limited to paid advertising,
overlooking the impact and return on brand exposure within the
content—where audiences are most engaged,” said Kevin Kohn, CEO of
Kinetiq. “As advertisers and agencies evolve their paid TV strategies to
include earned media and brand sponsorship, Kinetiq is uniquely
positioned to help quantify the true return on these investments. We are
thrilled to join forces with the talented team operating Teletrax to
make this a reality.”

“Bringing together iQ Media and Teletrax creates powerful new solutions
for the industry and efficiencies of scale for the company,” said Lance
Neuhauser, CEO of 4C. “We’re excited to leverage the unmatched strength
of Kinetiq’s global TV intelligence network to fuel the media analytics
available to brands through the Scope by 4C™ platform.”

Together, iQ Media and Teletrax bring Kinetiq’s clients the most
comprehensive understanding of TV performance currently on the market,

TV & Media Monitoring—Real Time or Retroactive: The ability
to track and evaluate the entirety of earned media coverage, with unparalleled
access to real-time and historical broadcast TV and media
content—including more than 40 million hours of TV programming.

Content Identification & Tracking: Kinetiq employs
fingerprinting and watermarking capabilities to offer global insight
into where, when, and for how long your content was broadcast.

Ad Catalogue as a Service: Kinetiq’s growing ad catalog boasts
more than 500,000 indexed ads from over 32,000 brands. The company plans
to make the catalogue widely available, via subscription, for
competitive analysis and creative auditing. The catalogue spans all 210
U.S. DMAs and national ads across the 85 markets Kinetiq serves.

Sponsorship Measurement: A unified understanding of how brand
sponsorships, in the form of events, athletes, product placements and
properties, are performing in- and out-of-event across live TV.

TV Attribution and Advanced Audience Segments: Through a network
of connected smart TVs, Kinetiq can link TV brand exposures to
household-level data and brands’ first party data—measuring ROI across
paid, earned and sponsorship.

Second Screen Signaling: Kinetiq can activate ads on mobile
devices and computers any time a brand is seen or heard on TV through
signals sent to media buying platforms, including search, social media,
mobile, and digital.

Kinetiq’s roster of clients includes Mercedes-Benz, Fox Broadcasting
Company, Google, Mitsubishi, Newell Brands, US Bank, AP, and Reuters.
Progress Partners represented iQ Media in the transaction.

About Kinetiq

Kinetiq is taking a bold new approach to TV data and analytics. Through
the union of iQ Media and 4C’s Teletrax, Kinetiq’s intelligent
monitoring, measurement and signaling solutions offer the most
comprehensive view of TV performance across global, national and local
markets. Kinetiq delivers valuable insights on audiences and engagement
across all paid, earned and sponsorship investments. Brands, agencies,
broadcasters and ISVs like Mercedes-Benz, Fox Broadcasting Company, and
Google use Kinetiq to better understand their true ROI on TV, locally
and globally. Headquarters are located in Philadelphia and Eindhoven,
Netherlands. Visit www.kinetiq.tv
for more information.

About 4C

4C is a global data science and marketing technology company that
delivers self-service software for brands to execute video-centric
marketing and optimize business outcomes. Leading brands, global
agencies, and media owners trust the Scope
by 4C
™ platform to identify their most valuable consumers and reach
them across channels and devices. With nearly $2 billion in annualized
advertising spend running through Scope, 4C enables unified audiences,
activation, and analytics on linear television, social media,
over-the-top content, and digital commerce. Founded in 2011 and based in
Chicago, 4C has staff in 16 worldwide locations throughout the United
States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Hong Kong, India,
Singapore, and the Philippines. Visit www.4Cinsights.com for
more information.

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