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36 of the Best Ikea Classroom Supplies for Your Next Shopping Trip

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IKEA: inspiring, affordable, and exhausting! What a perfect source for teachers looking to get their classroom organized or just jazz up their decor a bit. WeAreTeachers took a field trip recently and found these fabulous IKEA classroom supplies.

1. Metal desk tray

Perfect for keeping your desk brilliantly organized.


2. Magnetic chalkboard

This message center features handy compartments at the bottom to hold important things like lunch or library cards, recess duty whistle, etc.

Magnetic Chalkboard - Ikea Classroom Supplies

LUNS $14.99

3. Utensil holder

Indestructible pencil, marker or scissors holders.

Utensil Holder - Ikea Classroom Supplies

ORDNING  $2.49

4. Chair pad

These could be used as “seat spots” to help kids stay in their place at circle time or during small group reading.

Chair Pads - Ikea Classroom Supplies

BERTIL  $4.99

5. Utility cart

Who couldn’t find a zillion uses for something like this? Perfect for papers, books, homework, etc.

RASKOG $29.99

6. Rubber ice cube trays

These colorful trays could hold pushpins, paperclips, binder clips, etc. on your desk.

IKEA teachers

PLASTIS  $0.99

7. Sturdy tote

This bag could be used to carry library books, store LEGO or building blocks, or you could use it as your teacher bag.

AXELSO $9.99

8. Colorful rug

Perfect for Circle Time (especially if you’re reading Elmer by David McKee)!

LATTJO $24.99

9. Step stool

Helpful for little ones at the sink, drinking fountain, pencil sharpener.

step stools

BOLMEN  $7.99

10. Wooden hangers

These clip style hangers are perfect for displaying beautiful art work.

wooden hangers


11. Storage cart

For teachers who travel between classrooms such as literacy teachers, speech therapists and others, this cart is perfect for transporting your materials, and at 39 1/4 inches high, your back will thank you. 


12. Mesh basket

Another great container for library books, playground equipment, or stuffed animals

FYLLEN $7.99

13. Rubber basket

Love the sturdy rubber construction of this container. You could store guided reading book sets or professional books or even put potted plants in it.

rubber basket

TORKIS  $6.99

14. Hanging dryer with 16 clips

Another great contraption for displaying art work.

PRESSA $4.99

15. Desk organizer

This would look super polished on your desk or on your storage shelves.

FJALLA $7.99

16. Lego-like storage blocks

So cute! And they snap together to stay in place.

GLIS $2.99/ 3 pack

17. Wooden crate

Love to organize books using these! Each crate could hold a different genre or level.

wooden crate


18. Huggy pillow

For students who need a little love during the day, this huggy heart pillow is just the ticket!


19. Wall clock

I don’t know about you, but I need more than the one clock provided in my classroom. Nothing worse than having to turn around to check the time during read-aloud, and at $2.99 you can afford as many as you want. 

STOMMA $2.99

20. Galvanized pots

Pencils, pens, crayons, markers, scissors, paper clips, glue sticks, and so on and so on and so on!

galvanized pots

SOCKER  $0.99

21. Galvanized tub

Wouldn’t your students look classy using this to carry your class’s sack lunches to the cafeteria?

galvanized tub

GRASLOK  $19.99

22. Plastic low chair

Comfy for kids and adults alike. Great for your reading corner or as a teacher seat in small groups (for those of us with creaky hips or knees who hate sitting flat on the floor).

 PS VAGO   $29.99

23. Storage bag

Adorable AND indestructible.


24. Book rack

Classic look, plenty of storage. Use it for special read-alouds or focus books for a unit.

wooden book rack

FLISAT  $19.99

25. Kid chair

Super comfortable, just-right size chair for little kids.

POANG chair

POANG $29.99

26. Wooden doll house

Classic wooden design for an old fashioned favorite free-play activity.

wooden dollhouse

FLISAT  $29.99

27. Dollhouse furniture

Well, if you have a cool dollhouse, you have to furnish it with cool IKEA furniture!

dollhouse furniture

HUSET  $16.99

28. Play kitchen

Another favorite area for the little ones to role play.

play kitchen


29. Shopping baskets and groceries

Perfect for pretend shopping trips and meal prep.

shopping basket

LATSAS  $12.99 and DUKTIG  $7.99

30. Cash register

Fun for playing store, but you could also use them for number recognition and simple addition and subtraction.

cash register

DUKTIG  $16.99

31. Pod chair

This darling little egg is perfect when one of your students needs a little break or wants to have some quiet time.

PS Lomsk   $69.99

32. Seat squares

These adorable mats are perfect for kids to use during reading group, read-aloud, or anytime they need to be on the floor.

SOMMAR $0.99 (SALE!- regularly $3.99)

33. Notepads

These handy notepads boast 150 sheets of lined paper for practicing handwriting and a nifty nook to hold pencils and erasers. 


34. Abacus

Timeless learning tool and toy.


MULA  $9.99

35. Pop-up cube

This portable cube can be used inside or out. Your kids can use it during free time or quiet reading time.

pop up cube

BUSA  $9.99

36. Pop-up tent

This one’s perfect for all the little circus performers in your class.

kids tent


What are your favorite Ikea classroom finds? Come and share in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

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