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33 Amazing Classroom Doors for Winter and the Holidays

by 100IQ Win The Knowledge

We love it when teachers are creative with their classroom doors! It’s such a wonderful way to welcome students, and it really helps kick off the day on a fun and positive note.

We’ve pulled together some of our favorite holiday doors to give you inspiration and ideas for creating one. Good luck creating your own winter wonderland door at your school! 

1. The Gingerbread House

The window of this door was made from a poster frame! Here’s a how-to video showing how this door came together. 

2. Happy Elf

Source: Mrs. Knight

We love the sweet message on this one!

3. The Nutcracker

Source: Rewa Blackstar

Impressive! This nutcracker is ready to welcome students.

4. Rudolph and His Red Nose

Source: Mrs. Spakes

This would make a great bulletin board as well.

5. A Perfect Penguin

Source: Unknown

We love the little mat that matches the penguin’s scarf.

6. Let It Snow

Fact: the more snowflakes, the better! This is another door we created in our how-to video. 

7. Love from Olaf 

Source: Unknown 

He’s so adorable and lovable. Here’s a little Olaf joy to add to your classroom. 

8. Mustache Pun 

Source: Unknown 

You don’t have to do a winter theme. Look at this creativity! 

9. A Nod to Snoopy

Source: Unknown

It’s a Peanuts-inspired countdown to holiday break!

10. Warm up with a Latte 

Source: Unknown 

This would be a big hit with middle school and high school students. 

11. The Grinch

Source: Unknown

This is a wonderful way to display students’ names during the holiday season.

12. Life-Size Snow Globe

Source: Unknown

If they only took third place, then who took first?

13. Unique Snowgirls and Snowboys 

Source: Imagenes Educativas

All your students can make their own snowman for this easy classroom door design! 

14. The Polar Express

Source: Unknown

Choo, choo. Here comes the train.

15. Polar Bear Classroom

Say hello to your polar bear friends! Another favorite of ours, and one that we created in our how-to video. 

16. 3-D Snowman

Source: Kids Creative Chaos

We love this 3-D snowman.

17. The Ugly Sweater

Source: Unknown

The more bling, the better!

18. Penguin Heads 

Source: Unknown 

This is another great idea for featuring your students! Just put their faces on the penguin heads. 

19. Globes of Giving

Source: Judson School District

Get your students involved in this one!

20. Time for Cookies 

Source: Kinder Wife

Have some extra baking sheets? You have a door in the making! 

21. Elf on the Shelf

Source: Unknown

Do you do Elf on the Shelf in your classroom?

22. Peeking Polar Bear

Source: Unknown

We love this peek-a-boo polar bear.

23. Classroom Present

Source: Unknown

Portray all of your students as little elves!

24. Nightmare Before Christmas 

Source: Around the World Christmas

If you’re looking for a different color scheme, this door might be for you. 

25. Melting Snowman

Source: Beg, Borrow, Steal

Have all of your students make a snowflake to put on the door!

26. Snow Owls 

Source: Unknown 

It’s always a good time for owls! 

27. Winter Kindness 

Source: Unknown 

It’s also always a good time to promote kindness in your classroom. 

28. A Yeti Welcome

Source: Unknown

The eyes make this door!

29. The Minion Elf

Source: Unknown

Minions are good any time of the year, but they’re really awesome during the holidays.

30. Fun with Frosty

Source: Unknown

Frosty offers a perfect and friendly welcome.

31. Igloo and Bubbles 

Source: Unknown 

Why yes, that is a polar bear blowing bubbles and take-out containers turned into an igloo! 

32. Mittens in the Snow 

Source: Unknown 

Mittens are an easy and cute way to personalize your classroom door. Each of your students can cut out their own! 

33. 3-D Tree

Source: Amanda Harper

The 3-D design of this tree is awesome.

Check out our video on how to make three of these doors.