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21 of the Best Flexible Seating Options for Today’s Classroom

by 100IQ Win The Knowledge

Flexible seating is here to stay.

Teachers (and students) love having options when it comes to classroom seating. Long gone are the days of single desks in straight rows. Now you can choose from standing desks, collaboration tables, stability balls, wobble stools, and a whole lot more. 

“There’s also a lot research showing a correlation between the subtle movements that flexible seating allows and an increase in student focus and engagement,” says Joe Russell, principal at Washington Elementary School in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. “It makes classrooms more accessible for students, increases student engagement, and opens the room to a variety of learning styles.” 

Here are some of the latest, greatest, coolest, and most recommended flexible-seating options to consider for your own classroom. Happy shopping!

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Also known as yoga or exercise balls, these giant balls allow kids to gently bounce while seated and encourage good posture. You can get a single ball or choose one with an inflatable base to keep it from rolling away. (We hear a pool noodle makes a great base, too.) A stability ball is one of the most affordable flexible-seating options. You can get one for about $20. Plus there are so many great colors to choose from. 

These wobble stools are in classrooms all over the country. Teachers love them because they’re easy to set up (seriously, it just takes a few seconds once you get it out of the box), and they work for students of all ages. They are durable, have lots of colors, and can easily replace your regular chairs. These stools are usually $60–$80 each .