20 Fabulous Middle School Classroom Decorating Ideas


Finding fun and affordable middle school classroom décor can be tricky. Your students are growing up, but in many ways, they’re still kids! We’ve come up with a list of ideas to help you get inspired to create a learning space you and your students will love (and deserve)!

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1. Welcome everyone

Two colorful banners, one reading "EVERYONE IS WELCOME HERE" and the other reading "EVERYONE BELONGS."

These inclusive signs let all students know that they belong in your classroom.

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2. Start a dialogue

A middle school classroom décor bulletin board decorated with faux wood features the words "Let's Talk" and what appear to be conversation prompts. Student desks are in the foreground.

This bulletin board promotes healthy conversations among students.

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3. Set the rules

Five rules posters for the middle school classroom

Be clear on what is and is not acceptable in your classroom.

Download them for free.

4. Quarantine germs

A blue toolbox with a label that says "Quarantined Pencils" sits on top of a small, three drawer organizer container. The labels on the drawers are: sharp pencils, dull pencils, erasers.

Keep hygiene under control with a simple organizing hack!

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Source: @mrsgrayinthemiddle

5. Promote a growth mindset

Two colorful, vertical classroom posters. One just says GROWTH while the other spells the word MINDSET with each letter representing a word: Mistakes, Improvement, Never, Determination, Success, Effort, Things.

This middle school classroom décor idea turns doubts into dreams!

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6. Do it yourself

In the corner of a classroom is a DIY desk made from parts ordered from Amazon, wooden boards, and pipe.

Make a great desk with hairpin legs, a wooden board, and metal piping.

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Source: @home_sweet_classroom

7. Pull out a chair

Two blue beanbag-style chairs with backs in a white background.

Create an inviting and flexible seating area with these cool chairs.

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8. Customize your cart

A teacher's weekly cart is organized by days of the week with colorful pink and pastel decorations.

Add a little flair while getting even more organized!

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Source: @happybeachteacher

9. Update your library

Middle school classroom décor library that is full of books organized by color.

Too many books (is there such thing)? Add some storage space!

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Source: @saralevineblog

10. Decode the time

Black clock where each of the 12 hours is represented by a math problem [such as the square root of four (2) and -8=2-x (10)].

This cool math-themed clock will help you keep track of time.

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11. Roll up a seat

Large black yoga ball with a stability ring around the bottom for the purpose of using the ball as a chair.

Flexible seating can also be functional and fun! Check out other flexible seating options here!

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12. Share words of encouragement

Green cabinets in middle school classroom décor with motivational and inspiring sayings on the cabinet doors.

Use cabinets and counter space to give everyone a boost.

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Source: @bloomintheclassroom

13. Warm up to science

Graphic of a periodic table of the elements blanket.

Did you ever think learning about the elements could be so warm and cozy?

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14. Highlight mental health

Tall dresser cabinet middle school classroom décor with a large piece of paper that says "Mental Health Check In" and rows with different options for students to choose.

Open up an ongoing conversation about the importance of mental health.

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Source: @makingastatementinsped

15. Celebrate mistakes

Two large classroom banners decorated with colorful crayons. They read, "MISTAKES are PROOF that you are TRYING" and "BE THE CHANGE you want to see in the WORLD."

If, at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again.

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16. Share some wisdom

Five black and white posters with historical leaders (Einstein, Gandhi, Buddha, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt) featuring inspiring quotes as middle school classroom décor

Encourage students to reflect on the words of inspirational leaders.

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17. Build important skills

Black poster with white text that reads "10 THINGS THAT REQUIRE ZERO TALENT: Being On Time, Making An Effort, Being High Energy, Having A Positive Attitude, Being Passionate, Using Good Body Language, Being Coachable, Doing a Little Extra, Being Prepared, Having a Strong Work Ethic."

Empower students with an important reminder.

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18. Explore the body

Graphic representing 15 different scientific anatomy posters including the circulatory system, immune system, skeleton, heart, and more.

These great anatomy posters are perfect middle school classroom décor for science students!

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19. Motivate them

10 graphics of motivational posters on a middle school classroom décor chalkboard wall in a cinderblock room with lights hanging from the ceiling.

Hang this wall art to remind your students to aim high and work hard.

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20. Create a relaxation nook

Middle school classroom décor designed to be a comfortable nook for students that features decorative netting, cozy pillows, and books.

Life can get pretty stressful. Offer a space where students can decompress.

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Source: @missjacobslittlelearners

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