16 Teacher Personalities You Can Spot at Every Faculty Meeting


Every week we must endure it—the dreaded faculty meeting. While some teachers arrive to meetings, shall we say, struggling, others ride in on cloud nine. In each faculty meeting I’ve ever attended, I’ve seen the same personalities over and over. Confession: I’ve even been a few of these myself. Here are the personalities you can spot at every faculty meeting. 

1. The Worn-out Teacher

Every meeting there is a teacher who comes in, drops their teacher bag (because tired teachers always have heavy teacher bags) to the floor, and plops down in the seat closest to the door. This teacher has had a long, tiring day, and the last thing The Worn-out Teacher needs is an hour of announcements, PD, and new district initiatives. 

2. The Irritated-at-Everything Teacher

This is the teacher who wanted to go home before first period began. This faculty meeting is getting in the way of their favorite show. They are thinking about the traffic waiting for them on the highway. You will know this teacher by the way they roll their eyes and cross their arms. You will hear the occasional huff or puff from them every time someone asks a question. The Irritated-at-Everything Teacher was over this meeting before it started. 

3. The Timely Teacher

The Timely Teacher watches the agenda intently to make sure the meeting stays on task. A meeting that strays from its agenda keeps us all in the room longer. Not on The Timely Teacher’s watch! “Okay, back to the original question,” is their favorite thing to say. You will often find The Timely Teacher’s eyes glued to the clock on the wall or the watch on their wrist. This teacher is not here to waste time.

4. The Wallflower 

This teacher flies under the radar most of the time. You’ve probably even asked a coworker, “Is that a new person?” To which they reply, “They’ve been here for five years!” The Wallflower keeps to themselves, rarely talks, and avoids eye contact at staff meetings. They’re a mystery to many but completely harmless. 

5. The Fashionably Late Teacher

I admit that The Fashionably Late Teacher can be me at times. And by at times, I mean most of the time. This is the teacher who forgets there is even a meeting but is clued in when they see multiple teachers walking in the same direction. The Fashionably Late teacher will come into the meeting with coffee and that “don’t mind me, I’m pretending like I’m not embarrassed to be late” face as they (and by they I mean we) scurry to their seat.  

6. The Narcissist 

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This teacher is only interested in things that affect them directly. They’ll often jeopardize the conversation at meetings, using examples of their own work on classroom successes. The Narcissist is personable and lovable but often leaves you wondering if they’re being sincere. Be aware of the the narcissist and don’t let them steer you off target. 

7. The Joyful Teacher

In every faculty meeting, there is a teacher who is too happy to be in a faculty meeting. The Joyful Teacher will remind you during third period that there is a meeting. This teacher is on time and normally sitting in the front of the room. They are not concerned with how long the meeting is going. They are strangely happy to be there. 

8. The Gossip 

Everyone knows who this teacher is. They somehow know all the secrets of the school. They often show up to staff meetings early and stay later, befriending new acquaintances and getting the scoop on the latest social news. Do not tell The Gossip a secret. I repeat: Do not tell The Gossip a secret. It will get out. 

9. The Paranoid Teacher 

This teacher always thinks someone is talking about them. Anytime the principal brings up a concern, The Paranoid Teacher thinks the principal is talking about them. Paired with The Gossip, this teacher will never find peace of mind. 

10. The Cosigner

The Cosigner is that teacher that echoes everything the admin says in the meeting. Normally your cosigner isn’t the longest- or shortest-tenured teacher either. It’s that teacher who is right in the middle, with five to seven years in the building, probably hoping for one of the APs to leave so they can slide into the vacant position.  

11. The Control Freak 

Do not get in the way of this teacher. It will not end well for you. The Control Freak likes things done in a certain way. They love to volunteer at staff meetings for committees and organize special events. You might even think they want you to help out and be involved, but don’t be fooled. Just do what The Control Freak says, and there won’t be any problems. 

12. The Disruptor

The Disruptor is the class clown of the faculty meetings. Cracking jokes to the whole group or just those nearby, this teacher is loved or hated, depending on whom you ask. The Timely Teacher hates that The Disruptor can cause meetings to go long. The Worn-out Teacher often needs to sit next to The Disruptor just to make it through the meeting. I know, because I often am The Disruptor! 

13. The Sleeper

The Sleeper is easy to spot because this teacher fights sleep the whole meeting. They try to play it off by putting their face in one palm, pretending to read, or “looking down” at the agenda. Sleepers, wake up!

14. The Bum 

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You might think The Bum and The Sleeper fall into the same category, but they don’t. The Sleeper is tired, barely able to keep their eyes open. The Bum, on the other hand, just doesn’t care. They never write anything down and rarely even know what’s going on. They’re usually charming, though, so most people just let them be. 

15. The Questioner

This teacher drives The Irritated-at-Everything Teacher and The Timely Teacher up the wall! The Questioner wants to get all the correct information before they leave. Every time the admin asks, “Are there any questions?” you can feel the room sigh. When The Questioner is at your meeting, it normally means that no one is leaving until The Questioner is satisfied!

16. The Scribe

The Scribe is the teacher who is pretending to write notes in the corner but is actually grading or writing tomorrow’s lesson plan. Their computer is often open, and they occasionally look from it to act like they’re paying attention.

Here’s a video we made of teacher personalities.