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13 Ways To Bring Hygge to Your Classroom

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What started as a pin here and an Instagram post there, has suddenly broken into a full-fledged IRL takeover. Everyone is buzzing about the new “hygge” trend. And we’re silently wondering, “Um… do you pronounce it ‘hi-guh’ or ‘hi-gee’?” No worries. We did some research and are here to set the record straight. But first things first, hygge is actually pronounced “hoo-ga”. (Mind blown, right? We were too.) 

What Is Hygge?

“Hygge” is a Scandinavian term for taking pleasure in simple, every-day cozy comforts to create an atmosphere of sanctuary, warmth and community. For example, when you come home and put your yoga pants and fuzzy socks on, light a vanilla bean candle, sip some hot cocoa and play a game of Scrabble —you, my friend, are in hygge mode. It’s very possible you’ve been nailing the hygge trend and didn’t even know it. It wasn’t until The Little Book of Hygge was published last September that Americans started putting a name to their happy, hibernation habits.

Why You Should Introduce Hygge in the Classroom

The heart of hygge is about fostering a sense of warmth and community—much like the environment we try to create for our students – somewhere they can relax, find comfort, be together, and ultimately be inspired to learn.

Schools in Denmark have been practicing this philosophy for quite some time. From kindergarten through high school, one hour of every school week is set aside for “Klassen Time,” which translates to “The Class’ Hour.” Each week students take turns bringing cake to share with the class. The students spend an hour talking through issues and solving them together over a piece of cake. Once they’ve resolved everything—they spend the rest of the hour just hanging out or “hygge”ing. This core function of their curriculum is a piece of cake (pun intended) and helps students to develop a sense of empathy and togetherness.

13 Ways To Bring Hygge into the Classroom

Here are some ways you can bring hygge into your classroom.

1. Decorate your classroom with fairy lights

2. Have a cozy sock day

3. Stream a crackling fire on a TV or your computer screen

4. Create a cozy reading nook

  Source: Mama Pappa Bubba

5. Host a hot cocoa hour

6. Plant terrariums

7. Bookmark your favorite chill kids playlists on Spotify

We adore this list from Fatherly. With instrumental versions of some of our favorite hits… The “Black Hole Sun” rendition brings instant zen.

8. Celebrate classroom traditions, like Wonderful Wednesday 

9. Drink out of mugs

10. Host a Random Acts of Kindness Month

Our Favorite Classroom Tradition: Perform a Random Act of Kindness Every Day in December

11. Decorate your room with flameless, battery-operated candles in jars

12. Host a cozy-themed show and tell

13. Have a “Bucket of Book Buddies”

Hygge Book Buddy by First and Kinder Blue Skies

  Source: First Grade Blue Skies

While some trends come and go, we’re crossing our fingers (and toes) that the hygge trend is here to stay. Who can argue with a little more kindness and coziness in our classrooms and our lives.

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