While women should be a centerpiece of the curriculum all year long, we’ll use March’s Women’s History Month as an extra excuse to celebrate and learn about some of our favorite female leaders and role models. These Women’s History Month bulletin boards are a great way to kick things off.

1. Who run the world?

SOURCE: heytherelibrary

Girls! We love how these board features favorite books about women.

2. Famous faces

SOURCE: Art With Jenny K

Art with Jenny K offers these fun “collaborative posters” that students can work on together.

3. That’s what she said

SOURCE: Pinterest

Okay, this one might depend on your audience—but this could be a fun way to showcase some legendary quotes from women in history.

4. She believed she could, so she did

SOURCE: Sandburg Elementary

This board from Sandburg Elementary shows female students inspired by their role models.

5. Wonder women

SOURCE: Brooke Balzano

Forget pretend superheroes—our inspiration comes from the real women of history!

6. Yaaas, girl, preach!

SOURCE: Gwyneth Francis

This board has a fun interactive element to it—students must guess who said each quote and then lift the flap to find out.

7. Who did it first?

SOURCE: SEMS Media Center

Share who shattered some of those glass ceilings.

8. Who am I?

SOURCE: Brian Krey

A teacher at this school created a clever QR code-based scavenger hunt for Women’s History Month—and turned it into a bulletin board!

9. We can do it

SOURCE: Saint Gertrude RVA

Simple and fun—create a photo booth background inspired by Rosie the Riveter!

10. We cannot succeed when half of us are held back

SOURCE: Pinterest

We adore this board which explains some of the educational and workplace inequity faced by women and girls around the globe. 

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Plus, our favorite Women’s History Month books and activities.